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Jerusalem Artichoke Products

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Jerusalem Artichoke Powder

The whole tuber is being processed in a gently drying practise.
This way we extract pure, high-quality natural product with all its valuable ingredients of the Jerusalem Artichoke.
The high INULIN content conditions the dietary fibre effect and low calorie content.


  • INULIN 50 %
  • Fructose 2 %
  • Caloric Value/100g
    70 kcal/ 296 kJ

Jerusalem Artichoke- Juice Concentrate

Whole tubers are being pressed to produce juice concentrate and the juice with all its soluble ingredients is gently concentrated under vacuum at low temperatures.

There are two varieties of Jerusalem Artichoke Juice Concentrate:

1. Type INULIN

INULIN displays through the high INULIN and OLIOFRUCTAN content a good dietary fibre effect with low calorie count.

A distinctive feature is that fibre presents itself in soluble form.


  • INULIN 36 %
  • Fructose 2 %
  • Caloric Value/100g
     69 kcal/ 225 kJ


due to its high fructose content is has special sweetening power.


  • INULIN < 0,1%
  • Fruktose 44 %
  • Brennwert/100g
  • 225 kcal/ 953 kJ

Jerusalem Artichoke Juice Powder

The juice powder is also won from the tubers pressed juice. It is completely soluble and contains INULIN, has dietary fibre effect and is low in calories.


  • INULIN 55 %
  • Fructose 9 %
  • Caloric Value/100g
    92 kcal/ 390 kJ

Topinambur feinbitter Kräuter Liqueur 20 % vol.

An organic speciality of the Distillery Cordes. The distillery belongs to century-old Lower Saxony farm, whose owner has dedicated himself to organic farming and processing of the valuable Jerusalem Artichoke. The Jerusalem Artichoke has been known since times immemorial for its positive digestive properties.

The Topinambur feinbitter is unique as it contains exclusively the fruit sugar of the Jerusalem Artichoke tuber, namely inulin and fructose. No Sugar is added.

The recipe composition of Prof. Dr. Bärwald made of fine herbs, whose medicinal properties were already described by Hildegard von Bingen (1098 – 1179), has an aromatic slightly bitter taste.

To preserve the stomach friendly function of the Jerusalem Artichoke and the antioxidants it is only filtered roughly. Characteristic of this quality-preserving treatment is the natural cloudiness of the liqueur and finest traces of essential oils from the medicinal herbs.

Characteristics of the Topinambur feinbitter Kräuter Liqueur:

  • 100 % fruit sweetness from Jerusalem Artichokes
  • No sugar supplement
  • Low calorie count
  • Suitable for diabetics 100ml = 0,43 Bread Unit
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Prebiotic
  • Natural cloudy

More information about the ingredients and their relevance is available in the brochure “Information zum Kräuter Liqueur Topinambur feinbitter’ von Prof. Dr. Bärwald“
It can be found at our download area.

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