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Topinambur Organic

Jerusalem Artichoke

Healianthus tuberosus L.

Functional raw materials

High-quality ingredients, certified organic and natural

Jerusalem Artichoke powder granulate chips slices
Topinambur dried ORGANIC


Naturally high inulin content: ~ 50 %


We cut the whole tuber, dry it and then mill into different grades of fineness from powder, granulate and pieces over dices up to slices (types 10 to 40). All soluble as well as unsoluble components of the tubers are preserved and largy unaltered.



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Jerusalem Artichoke
Topinambur juice concentrate ORGANIC

TOPINAMBUR juice concentrate ORGANIC

Naturally high inulin content: ~ 45%
From the pressed juice of the Jerusalem artichoke tuber, we produce a gold-yellow juice concentrate of approx. 70 ° Brix. It is fully water soluble and all soluble components of the tuber are preserved and largely unaltered, in particular the fiber-active inulin.
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Jerusalem artichoke soluble
Topinambur juice powder ORGANIC


Naturally high inulin content: ~ 55 %


From our inulin-rich Topinambur juice concentrate ORGANIC we produce a fully solube Topinambur juice powder ORGANIC. Just like in the concentrate, all soluble components of the tubers are preserved and largy unaltered, especially inulin.


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Topinambur-Inulin: A gift of nature

Natural wellness programm for the gut

Topinambur-Inulin is naturally integrated in the plant structure. It can interact naturally with the other valuable ingredients of the tuber because it is not isolated.


When ingesting Topinambur, inulin passes the stomach and small intestine virtually intact. Only in the large intestine it develops its functional, prebiotic effect. There certain bifidobacteria and lactobacilli break it down into shorter molecules.


Topinambur-Inulin: A gift of nature
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Valuable ingredients

Our Topinambur products bring along the valuable properties of the plant. Many of these natural ingredients help to improve the intestinal flora and thus digestion.



Appetite inhibiting & saturating

Vegetarian, vegan & kosher

Suited for diabetic use

Digestive aid


Very high in fibers

(naturally high inulin content)


Vitamins, enzymes und amino acids

Polyphenols, oligofruktane, fructose



and many more



Free from ...

... added surgar (contains naturally occuring sugars)

... nuts, gluten, lactose, cholesterol, GMO etc.


Low in sodium & fat/fat free

Characteristics Topinambur
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Application examples Topinambur ORGANIC

All our products can be promoted with a range of healt-related information.

Thanks to its many valuable ingredients, Topinambur is suitable for a variety of applications for humans and animals:



High-fiber food

Food supplements

Diabetics' nutrition

Vegetarian & vegan food

Health & functional food

Dieting aid & dieting food

Products for nutrition-conscious consumers

Products with nutritionally valuable ingredients


Application examples Topinambur ORGANIC
Topinambur ORGANIC application examples.
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Health related information Topinambur ORGANIC
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The Topina-Company

The Topina Diät-Rohstoff GmbH, Kirchlinteln, is a family business today. It was founded in 1985 by Mr. University Professor i. R. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. Günter Bärwald. He researched the Jerusalem artichoke for many years at the Technical University (TU) Berlin and wrote the book "Gesund abnehmen mit Topinambur" [engl.: “Lose weight the healthy way with Topinambur“ (TRIAS publishing house, two now out of print editions (1999, 2008), ISBN 978-3-8304-3455-9). Remaining copies (in German language) can be requested. In addition, scientific essays and brochures were published. These were the result of research at the TU Berlin, graduate students and PhD students were involved. The research on Topinambur utilization was funded by the federal states of Hesse and Lower

Saxony through cooperation with the TU Berlin.




The Topina has been dedicated to the Topinambur (Helianthus tuberosus) since the 1980s and specializes in this raw material.


Our credo

Exclusively organic quality

Topinambur tubers from our own agriculture in Lower Saxony

Gentle processing in Germany


 This way, we can guarantee a traceability that can hardly be surpassed.


Topina company leaflet
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Origin of Topinambur

The tasty Topinambur came probably from Canada to Europe at the beginning of the 17th century. Today, its origian cannot be clarified exactly anymore. Here, in the first place, it helped the people in hardship and warfare over the worst hunger. Today, its valuable ingredients and amazing functionality are known.


The tubers for our Topinambur products originate entirely from our own organic agriculture in Northern Germany (Lower Saxonary), which means that we can ensure an extraordinarily gapless traceability. The controlled organic cultivation of our Topinambur is carried out according to EC REG. 834/2007 and is certified by the organic inspection body GfRS DE-ÖKO-039. In addition, we critically select our manufacturers, taking strictly into account the necessary certifications and paying regularly personal visits on-site. So we meet our high quality standard.


Topinambur feinbitter herbal liqueur
Topinambur feinbitter herbal liqueur

TOPINAMBUR feinbitter herbal LiQueur

Topinambur has been known since ancient times for its positive influence on digestion. Unique to the Topinambur feinbitter is that it contains only the fruit sweetness of Topinambur - inulin and fructose. There is no added sugar.



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loosing weight the healthy way Baerwald Barwald
loosing weight the healthy way Baerwald Barwald

Book: Gesund abnehmen mit Topinambur

"loosing weight the healthy way"

Once a poor people's meal, which helped people in times of hartship and war over the worst hunger, Topinambur is experiencing a renaissance today. Meanwhile, we know about their amazing health benefits and valuable ingredients.



The book is only available in German language.


2nd edition 2008

132 p., 48 ill., Paperback

ISBN: 9783830434559

14,95 € plus 1,45 € shipping


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